2016年にオープンした Bar HYPEは地元の方にバーを身近なものにして頂きたく南郷18丁目に出店しました。2017年にはお昼にカフェも開店いたしました。コーヒーやスイーツ、日替りランチメニューなど日々進化していくHYPEに飽きは来ません。

Established in 2016, Bar HYPE aim to provide Sapporo locals the cocktail bar experience in the comfort of their own neighbourhood, at affordable prices.

In 2017, we bring you Cafe HYPE.  Cafe HYPE is the go-to spot for your mid-day coffee and sweets fix.  With an ever-changing blackboard lunch menu, you’ll never be bored of eating the same food over and over again!

Our Staff スタッフ

Founder/Owner – Yoshida Rumi
Founder - Yoshida Rumi

Founder/ Owner – Yoshida Rumi

オーストラリア、シンガポール、日本など世界のCafe/Bar を渡り歩いてきた経験を生かしここ地元札幌に戻りリラックスした雰囲気の中でカクテルを提供しております。


With a passion in creating novel cocktails and plenty of experience in the hospitality industry in Australia, Singapore and Japan, Rumi returns to Sapporo to re-create the relaxed atmosphere a great bar provides.

Favourite cocktail: Grey goose dirty martini


Co-founder/Co-owner – Adeline Ang
Co-owner/ co-founder - Adeline Ang

Co-owner/ co-founder – Adeline Ang

トロピカルな国、シンガポール出身のアディはフード、カクテル、コーヒーに情熱を注いでます。バーの方でもカクテルを飲んでいる彼女をよく見かけるかも?そんなアディはCafe HYPE のメニューを全て作ってます。


Originally from tropical Singapore, Addy is often seen with a drink in her hands (and preferably on the beach).  With a passion in food, coffee and drinks, Addy creates most of the food at cafe HYPE.  She can also often be found hanging out in the bar rather than behind it.

Favourite cocktail: Negroni


Co-owner – Mimuro Ayaka
Co-owner - Mimuro ayaka

Co-owner – Mimuro Ayaka



Ayaka was born and raised in Hokkaido, but that did not stop her from wanting to explore food and drinks from other places, especially tropical countries.  Being a Japanese, Ayaka incorporates many local flavours into foreign drinks, creating a fusion of flavours for new cocktail drinkers.

Favourite cocktail: Piña colada